One Step Nearer

In my last blog post I spoke about knowing when to stop designing and the challenges of identifying when a game is complete rather than identifying what else could be included. This week I find myself in the position having set a deadline, having a feeling that the game is finished, and being on the verge of Launching Metro Maps on Kickstarter.

I have been working on the Kickstarter campaign video this week and my media production degree suddenly being my most useful asset. Not having access to all the equipment, software and cheap labour I had while at university has been frustrating; but I am still pleased with the results. It’s amazing what you can do with even the most basic free software.

Metro Maps Animated Logo

The video will launch soon, featuring my own dulcet tones and an animation showing the basics of playing Metro Maps. The video also briefly touches on my motivations for designing the game as well as showing the city I call home. I want the launch video to be about the game and about the person behind it. After all I think that’s what Kickstarter is really about, making a personal connection with creative people.

I’m working on an extended gameplay video next. The animations are complete, it just needs knocking into shape and narrating.