New Year, New Projects

Since the last update (I know it’s been a while but I will explain why later) things have moved along at a surprising pace here at Lincoln Game Company.

Project Baron has moved up a gear, you may remember that in my last blog post I detailed the code names for all the projects that Lincoln Game Company is working on and Project Baron was next in line. That means I can exclusively reveal that project baron is a pack of collectible playing cards. I have been collecting playing cards for years, I love the designs, the texture and the way they sit between function and art. They are something that greatly appeal to me, and the way I think about design function. A Project Baron blog post will be up in a few weeks time telling you about the design philosophy and the projected timeline for the Kickstarter campaign.

As I am sure you know the Boardgame Metro Maps didn’t quite make it’s Kickstarter goal and after calling time on the campaign I promised that it would not disappear.

As promised Metro Maps will be back, I have been working on the relaunch in the background (amongst finding a new job and other IRL things) and I am confident that after the completion of Project Baron, Metro Maps will be back on Kickstarter with new features and a more international friendly shipping format.

For the most part I have been trying to forget Metro Maps, not because of any disappointment or disillusionment but because sometimes you just need to reset your thinking. At university I used to be an advocate of getting bored, deliberately going out of my way to not entertain myself, to forget everything I was doing and get bored. I studied a creative subject and believed that boredom was an underrated part of the creative process. I found that the brain (or at least my brain) doesn’t like having nothing to do, it absolutely must think of something. So if you ever run out of ideas, or hit a creative block, try getting bored. I don’t mean do nothing and read a book, or do nothing and listen to music. I mean take away every distraction, sit in a quiet room and do absolutely nothing. Your brain is then forced to entertain itself without any external stimulus, at which point you start having your own ideas.

That is what I have been doing with Metro Maps, forgetting what I know and then getting bored. It’s the best way I can think of to inject new life into a project and, start seeing something I have been working on from an entirely new perspective.

Happy New Year and may 2020 bring lots of exciting new cards, games and opportunities to be bored.