Metro Maps

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Kickstarter Introduction Video

Metro Maps is a board game all about building and matching shapes, while stopping your opponent from doing the same. Players must build stations and lines to complete the route shown on their card, it’s as simple as that. The tricky bit? You will need to combine multiple routes together as efficiently as possible while spending your resource cards in order to stand a chance of winning. Other players can block you at any time and if you don’t match your route exactly, you loose points. Featuring artwork and gameplay inspired by the London Underground map, Metro Maps is a fast paced strategy game for between 2 and 4 players recommended for ages 13 to adult.

To find out more about the game and get a sense of how it plays you can download the instructions here. Some things may change but we expect that things will stay pretty much as they are.

Game ConTents

Metro Maps includes a game board, 20 red route cards, 40 line tokens, 40 station tokens, 30 blue resource cards, 4 terminus cards, 4 terminal tokens and the all important instruction booklet. Featuring wooden tokens and a conveniently small box, we have done as much as possible to make sure that component quality is as good as possible.

Metro Maps Includes

  • 1 Board
  • 20 Route Cards
  • 30 Rails, Ticket and Locomotive resource Cards
  • 4 Terminus Cards
  • 40 rail tokens in red, blue, yellow and green
  • 40 station tokens in red, blue, yellow and green
  • Instruction booklet with backer credits


2 – 4 Players

45 Min Playtime

Age 13+

Metro Maps is a fast paced strategy game for 2 to 4 players. The object of the game is to create routes on the board that exactly match the route cards in the players hand. Players will need to pay close attention because routes must be replicated exactly. A single piece in the wrong place means points will be deducted.

Setting up

To set up the game players choose their preferred colour and take 10 line tokens and 10 station tokens. Players are then dealt 4 resource cards and 1 route card. You choose the order of play, we don’t mind how you do this so get creative. 

Place one of your stations on the centre circle. This is where you will start the game from.


Players can perform one of two actions during their turn, either ‘Collect’ or ‘Build’. The collect action means players can pick up extra resource cards to use during gameplay. There are three ways to collect resource cards; Swap, Blind Pick-up or Revealed Pick-up. Players are only allowed six resource cards in their hand so swapping is a great way of getting rid of resources you don’t need with a chance of picking up something you do need.

Blind Pick-up is the way you will receive most of your resource cards. Straight from the top of the deck without anyone seeing what you are collecting.

Revealed Pick-up is the riskiest way of picking up cards. You get exactly what you want but all players know what you are collecting and might be able to block your next turn.


Building routes is the only way of scoring points. To build a route you must build lines and stations on the board exactly as they are shown on the route card. Building a line means you need to spend 2 rail resource cards and place a line token next to one of your stations. Don’t forget that no more than two lines can run between any two stations, putting three lines abreast just isn’t possible.

Building stations is slightly easier than building lines, you start with one at the beginning of the game after all. Stations can be built either at the end of one of your lines or on top of any other players station.

New routes

You won’t win by building just one route. You will need to combine multiple routes together in order to win, the more routes the better. Building routes on top of each other can be dangerous as it is possible to spoil the route you have already built. To gain the points for all your extra building you will need a route card. To purchase a route card all you need to do is spend 2 ticket resource cards and pick up a new route card. But be careful, if you don’t finish the new route you will receive a penalty at the end of the game.


The terminus is a powerful and expensive card. Being on the wrong end of a well placed terminus may mean the end of your game. But place a terminus in the right place and you may just turn the game to your favour.

A terminus costs 3 ticket resource cards to play, and you must be in possession of one of only 4 terminus cards. When you play a terminus card you must discard it from the game. Placing a terminus token on the board means that players can no longer build in or out of the blocked station. A terminus doesn’t spoil any tokens already placed but it does lock out an entire area of the board.


We asked real people to play the game and tell us what they think. These aren’t reviews by board game reviewers but players who enjoy board games of all types. We will add more reviews as they get to us.

Stretch Goal

We want to make the game as open and accessible as possible. That’s why we have kept pledge levels simple, the game elements have as few words as possible and the whole game is included in the kickstarter. Our only stretch goal is to generate the extra funds needed to have the instructions translated into French, Spanish and German. This means we can make the game open to even more people.

Unlock this stretch goal to make a digital download of translated instructions available in French, German and Spanish. 

Excuse the logo translation, that’s why want to hire someone who knows what they’re doing.

Future Expansions

We have big plans for Metro Maps and want to keep adding to the game with future expansions. We have plans for a Tourists and Attractions expansion that we couldn’t quite squeeze into this Kickstarter campaign, but we would would love to share with you as soon as possible.

Our current expansion programme looks a little like this.

  • 2020: Urban Expansion  – (Working Title) Add extra players and even more routes for tight and chaotic gameplay.
  • 2021: Tourists and Attractions – Boost your points by helping tourists get between your cities big attractions. Ideal for players looking for tactical alternatives and more ways of playing.
  • 2022: Expansion 3 – (Working title) We have several ideas for new expansions to expand your gameplay experience. We are working on ideas ranging from modifying the board to introducing destinations outside of Metro Maps.

These expansions are still in development and are not yet ready for a full release, things are still very likely to change. Lincoln Game Company is committed to developing Metro Maps in the future as well as releasing more games for you to play.

Pledge Levels

We have kept our pledge levels simple by making the game available to anyone who wishes to pledge £29. We decided not to hide any shipping costs in the cost of the game and used Royal Mail delivery regions to calculate our costs. We have done this to make things as fair as possible for Kickstarters around the world.

For your pledge, you get a copy of the game that is ready to play with nothing hidden behind higher pledge levels. You will also get your name included in the credits and an invitation to our launch event. The launch event will be taking place in Lincoln (UK) and we will let you know more about what we have planned as soon as we can (unfortunately we definitely won’t be able to help with transport and accommodation).

We want to be as open and honest as possible about how we calculated this Kickstarter pledge level. The chart below shows the breakdown of where your money will be spent. As you can see most of the money you pledge will be used in manufacturing, shipping and the administration costs of running the campaign and sorting out the manufacture. The 30% that the Lincoln Game Company takes will be used to pay for things like accountants, websites and to make sure we can keep working on new board game projects.

Shipping and Customs

Shipping is always a difficult issue with Kickstarter, however we have tried to keep things as simple as possible. We will be using Royal Mail delivery regions for the UK, USA and EU and then a Rest of the World shipping region for everywhere else. The costs break down is as follows:

  • UK – £5
  • EU – £13
  • USA – £18
  • RoW – £19

Shipping is not included in your pledge, so for example if you are in the UK and would like to pledge for the game it will cost £29 + £5 shipping for a total of £34.

Shipping costs include the packaging and administration to ship from the UK. We have chosen to ship from the UK to ensure that we can monitor every game through the process, we don’t want anything to go wrong with our first campaign. We have allowed plenty of time for this process so we are confident that we can still make things happen to our schedule.

We understand that Brexit isn’t a big issue for everyone but it is a major issue for us here in the UK. Metro Maps is very likely to be shipped after the UK leaves the EU and the UK’s customs arrangements will depend on what deal (or no deal) is negotiated by our Prime Minister. We don’t expect there to be any serious issues exporting goods out of the UK around the world. It’s one reason we have selected to ship with Royal Mail, as they have robust Brexit contingency plans; however we want to make it clear that backers from outside of the UK may be liable to some customs charges. It is impossible for us to know what every country’s customs rules are, but we will do everything possible to work with you in ensuring the process is as smooth as possible.

Kickstarter Timeline

The timeline below is an indication of when we expect our manufacture and shipping to happen. This timeline has some flexibility for unexpected problems, particularly in manufacturing and shipping, as well as some extra time here and there to allow for the project being bigger than expected. If we can get the game to your door quicker, without compromising quality, we will do. All in all, we are aiming for you to be able to play the game in July 2020.

Risks and Challenges

Metro Maps is Lincoln Game Company’s first game, this represents several challenges. We have developed a timeline that is realistic and based on experienced advice from our manufacturer. We have also decided to keep things simple by reducing the complexity of our stretch goals and pledge levels. This reduces the potential for unexpected issues to arise and if issues do arise, the campaign is not so complex that it shouldn’t be difficult to fix.

By working with experienced people we can use their advice and experience to make sure the project runs as smoothly as possible. The good news is that the game has already been through full development and play testing, so we only need your help to work with manufacturers and distributors.

We have already mentioned Brexit as this may result in significant challenges for distribution. Our decision to work with the Royal Mail is designed to enable us to use their robust Brexit contingency plans and we are confident that we can distribute the game to you in July 2020.

There are several challenges that may cause delays in the production and distribution of Metro Maps. That’s why we are pledging to make regular monthly contact with all our backers so you make sure you stay informed and confident that we are working towards delivery.

Get in touch & Press

Get in touch with us through our website here:; we are happy to answer any questions you have.

If you are a journalist or a reviewer please get in touch as we will be happy to chat to you about the game. We can also provide additional resources for articles.

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