It’s alive!

I have been working on a new project for the past six months and finally I have something to show for it. It’s amazing, as soon as you have something physical in your hands, it’s almost as if you all the hard work you have been putting in has paid off. Since the beginning of this project I have been working digitally, with designs on screen and bits of inkjet print outs where necessary. But when an actual box turned up with board and cards and pieces it felt as though the work had come to fruition.

So what is the project…

Metro Maps is the board game I have been working on. In the game, players build routes exactly as they appear on the cards by spending resources, and placing pieces on the board. The difficult bit is other players can interfere and block you at every turn, consuming your valuable and ever decreasing resources.

The designs aren’t final yet, the box and board both need tweaking and refining but I am so pleased that I finally have a product that I can get in front of a new group of play testers. I will update you all on the final round of play testing as soon as I start to get the feedback.